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A power conversion specialist, Enetek Power Group has a diverse range of AC and DC power solutions that meet the power needs of many industries.

With the available range of products and solutions, coupled with products/solutions from the group’s sister companies, Enetek Power Group is proficiently equipped with in-depth technical know-how to provide innovative one-stop solutions for the different industries’ demands, including telecom tower sites and/or the Energy Services Companies.

The Energy Services Company (ESCO) business model for telecom has recently achieved launch velocity. In 2015, telecom ESCOs had contracts to manage about 8,664 cell sites, and over the subsequent three years, there have been a 251% growth in terms of the number of sites managed by ESCOs.

MNOs (Mobile Network Operators) and towercos alike are increasingly recognizing ESCOs as proven business partners. They are able to deploy capex into long-term payback hybrid and renewable energy solutions, reducing energy opex and carbon footprints, while improving uptime and quality of service (QoS).

TowerXchange forecasts that the ESCO industry will have its 50,000th site during 2021, reaching 67,300 sites worldwide by 2024.

In addition to just providing smart power conversion solutions, Enetek Power Group has also embarked on developments that focus on increasing the “smartness” of the energy + infrastructure solutions, a term we coin as “Smart Tower” . The objective is not to just provide a platform for sharing the managed sites, but also make available the capacity to allow the ESCOs to manage the overall cost, performance and quality.

In a typical power solution for telecom tower, it consists of mainly 5 key building blocks, namely the energy resource management, structure management, security management, environmental management and safety management.

Towerco / Esco

Energy Resource Management

Enetek continues to develop smart power conversion products, as well as expanding our portfolio into integrating different types of energy resource channels and energy storage technologies to provide a cost-efficient total solution.

Within the energy resource management building block, smart PDUs and energy meters are used extensively to control and optimize the different input resources through the implementation of various IoT devices. Energy usage are also managed through smart IoT implementation to facilitate the relevant data analytics.

Towerco / Esco

Structure Management

Enetek regularly partners with the different experts of the industries to develop tower site solutions to achieve efficiencies and effectiveness in both construction and implementation. The aim is to reduce the TCOs of each site implemented.

Towerco / Esco

Security Management

Tower sites are usually located in out-of-urban areas or remote locations. Security management with data analytics are critical to remotely manage the site. With these data, unnecessary site visits are reduced and this will result in the overall opex of the operations.

Towerco / Esco

Environmental and Safety Management

Enetek Power, being part of the Eltek Holding Group, works closely with her different sisters’ companies and utilizes the different synergies available to continually improve the total site management system.

Additional IoT sensors for environmental and safety management can be incorporated easily into the site management system.

  • Temperature, humidity, solar/wind (as applicable) and flood sensors
  • Proximity and light intensity sensors
  • Motion detection sensors
  • Smart lighting system
  • Gating system with date/time access data


Towerco / Esco

Total Site Management

Moving forward with the technological development, incorporating the total site management system within a phone app is an on-going development.

Enetek’s solution is designed on the basis of our organization’s philosophy – Efficient, Trusted, Reliable. We believe in making power simple so that they can be implemented easily and effectively, as well as providing an ease of interaction and engagement between the users and “Smart Tower” solution.

Towerco / Esco

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