EIPS 110VDC/220VDC 8U 11.6 KW

EIPS 110VDC/220VDC 8U 11.6 KW

Model: EIPS 110Vdc/220Vdc/8U/11.6kW

The EIPS 110Vdc/220Vdc 8U/11.6kW power core is designed EIPS switchmode rectifier modules and EICU02 controller unit, complete with the respective load and battery distribution as well as optional AC incoming and surge protection.

The solution can be customized accordingly to specific requirements.


Part Number AC Voltage DC Output Output Power Height
SGIF0408.100 230 110/220 11600 8U



  • Hot-Swap Rectifier Modules
  • Modular, Scalable Cabinet Design
  • High Power Density
  • Front-to-back Airflow
  • Wide Input Voltage Range
  • Wide Temperature Range
  • Optional Earth Fault Detection Module
  • Optional Dropper Diode Unit
  • Compliant with Global Standards


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