OD RRU ETM+ Battery 48V DC, 50 AH

OD RRU ETM+ Battery 48V DC, 50 AH

Model: OD RRU Battery 48V DC, 50 AH

The solution is a lithium battery module with capacity of  50Ah.

Housed in an IP65 rated enclosure with free-cooling design to ensure safe and reliable operation across all weather conditions.

The design supports both pole-mounted and wall-mounted implementations.


Part Number DC Voltage  Capacity Height
420010.400 48Vdc 50Ah *

*Check datasheet for nominal range



OD RRU ETM+Battery is an outdoor compatible unit.

It comprises of  protection against

  • Over-voltage
  • under-voltage
  • short circuit
  • reverse connection
  • overload
  • over-current
  • high and low temperature
  • balancing
  • dormancy



  • Macro cell BTS
  • Microwave
  • LTE / WiMax
  • Antenna Power
  • Wireless
  • Broadband Access


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