Outdoor Battery Energy Storage (Pre-Configured)

Outdoor Battery Energy Storage (Pre-Configured)

Model: Pixii PowerBase 600kW

The PowerBase is a robust energy storage system on a steel frame with the footprint of a standard ISO 20-foot container. It comes pre-wired and pre-configured to reduce installation cost and delivery time, and can hold up to 12 Pixii PowerShaper2 cabinets, with a maximum power capacity of 580kW.

Model Nominal AC Voltage Nominal DC Voltage Max Power Dimensions (w x d x h) Weight
PowerBase 400VAC 48Vdc up to 600kW 6 058 x 2 338 x 2 349 mm 10,000 – 12,000kg


For detailed technical specifications, please visit the product’s official website.

Click here for the Product Datasheet.



Key Features

  • Quick and easy to deploy
  • Scalable up to 600kW/600kWh or 460kW/1,4MWh
  • Fast response (charge to discharge)
  • Integrated & battery inverter solution
  • Galvanically isolated AC to DC
  • 48V battery voltage for ease of service


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