Enyo Tower T11 (6-20kVA) online double conversion UPS

Enyo Tower T11 (6-20kVA) online double conversion UPS


Model Number AC Voltage DC Output Output Power Height
Enyo Tower T11X 230 * 6-10KVA

(*) Check datasheet for more details



  • Online Double Conversion Topology
  • Advanced DSP Control Technology
  • Highly efficient @ 95%
  • Cold Start Function
  • Smart RS232/USB Interface for management
  • LCD/LED Display
  • Full Protection
  • Automatic Fan Speed Adjustment
  • Emergency Power Off (EPO)
  • Unity Power Factor


  • IDC (Internet Data Centre)
  • Computer Peripherals
  • Computer Room
  • IT Equipment
  • Rack and Distributed Servers
  • Sensitive Electronic Equipment


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