Enyo Tower T11X (6-10kVA) online double conversion UPS

Enyo Tower T11X (6-10kVA) online double conversion UPS

T11 series, ranging from 6kVA to 10kVA, is double conversion online UPS with fully DSP controlled technology. The single phase UPS applies the advanced 3-level technology, achieving a efficiency up to 95%. With its compact design of high power density (kW=kVA), T11 series make it ideal choice for computers, telecommunication equipment and other sensitive devices.

Model: T11X

Series Number AC Voltage Range* DC charging Output Power Height
Enyo Tower T11X 200/208/220/230/240

(110Vac to 288Vac)*

192VDC 6-10KVA

*Check datasheet for nominal range




An improved online double conversion tower type 1-phase/1-phase UPS @ 6-10kVA, providing excellent voltage conditioning, efficient network power protection with options of scalable power and runtime.

  • High efficiency, up to 95%
  • kVA=kW, Output PF=1
  • 3 level of technology, compatible with complicated load
  • Battery number can be set on LCD
  • Intelligent charging management, effectively improving the life time of battery
  • Smaller size with higher power density
  • Parallel up to 4 units


-Data Centres
-Networking Peripherals
-Rack and Distributed Servers
-IT Equipment
-Sensitive Electronic Equipment


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